Manage & Edit Work Orders in Odoo with Blue Stingray’s Newest App

Manage & Edit Work Orders Custom App

Blue Stingray’s newest custom app allows manufacturing managers to easily create, modify, and delete work orders.

Header buttons

Create individual work order and link to a manufacturing order, or modify existing work orders related to a manufacturing order by using the header “Create” and “Edit” button. These buttons will show for any user in the Manufacturing/Manager group.

Edit and manage work orders


Why Odoo 10 Will Change the Role of the Manufacturing ERP

Blue Stingray’s Odoo team is excited to announce support for the newest version of the Odoo enterprise management application suite.

In 2014, Odoo released version 9, which included a large upgrade to the Odoo accounting app. Version 10 will provide an equally significant upgrade to the Manufacturing app, along with a set of new features that will further improve functionality for Odoo users in a variety of industries.

Odoo concentrated on upgrading its Manufacturing app for this release because most manufacturing software applications and ERPs are outdated, clunky, and complicated. Manufacturers often have to resort to using multiple software solutions to handle their day-to-day needs, which inevitably results in efficiency issues.

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