Upgrade Odoo Apps From Command Line

Every once in a while, you will run into an issue during Odoo development that causes an internal server error in one of your Odoo databases. This could be caused by some different issues:

  • Pulling down code updates without restarting the Odoo processes, preventing python files from generating the proper .pyc files.
  • Not properly updating the applications that were affecting from pulling down code changes.
  • Not updating across all databases that have the effected applications installed.

Let’s assume we have one Odoo instance currently running. I can view the processes by running a ps aux and greping for the script name.

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Managing Multiple Odoo Instances

Getting started with hosting Odoo can be tricky especially when trying to manage multiple instances, manage multiple editions (Odoo 8, Odoo 9 Community, Odoo 9 Enterprise), and keep a smooth development workflow. I spent some time breaking down a simpler way to install and organize Odoo on our development server and thought I would share it with anyone in the community who might be interested.

I’m going to provide a quick example of setting up Odoo 9 Community and Odoo 9 Enterprise on a blank server, setting up a postgres server, defining service scripts, defining Odoo configurations, and running both instances from source.

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