Blue Stingray Releases 10th Custom App in Odoo Store

Blue Stingray 3rd Party Apps for Odoo

One of the strengths of Odoo is its flexibility, and the platform’s app store contains hundreds of valuable add-ons. Blue Stingray is a regular contributor to the Odoo store, and we recently released our tenth custom app.

Our apps allow users to request customer geolocations, customize branding, tax customers by zip code, and perform other essential functions. As our team continues to find ways to enhance Odoo’s functionality, we’ll continue to publish; be sure to stop by our Odoo store page to check out our work.

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Setup Reminders in Odoo Tasks with Blue Stingray’s Newest App

Create Reminders in Odoo Tasks

You can now setup reminders in Odoo tasks for yourself (or others) with Blue Stingray’s newest app Project Reminders. Download or learn more here.

Blue Stingray Project Reminders Odoo view



  • Reminders can be for yourself or others.
  • They can be setup to run once or periodically.
  • Send an end date or let them run forever.
  • Works in both Community and Enterprise editions of Odoo.
  • Relies on Reminders by Blue Stingray

Setup Email Reminders in Odoo with Blue Stingray’s Newest App

Set email reminders in odoo

Learn how to remind yourself (or others) with Reminders from Blue Stingray.
Download or learn more here.


  • Reminders can be for yourself or others.
  • They can be setup to run once or periodically.
  • Send an end date or let them run forever.
  • Works in both Community and Enterprise editions of Odoo.


Manage & Edit Work Orders in Odoo with Blue Stingray’s Newest App

Manage & Edit Work Orders Custom App

Blue Stingray’s newest custom app allows manufacturing managers to easily create, modify, and delete work orders.

Header buttons

Create individual work order and link to a manufacturing order, or modify existing work orders related to a manufacturing order by using the header “Create” and “Edit” button. These buttons will show for any user in the Manufacturing/Manager group.

Edit and manage work orders


Customize Your Odoo Color Palette with Blue Stingray’s Newest App

Odoo Custom Branding App

Use our web interface to set the colors of your Odoo instance with Blue Stingray’s Custom Odoo Branding App.

With different colors for different companies, you’ll never get confused about which company you’re currently logged into.


Upgrade Odoo Apps From Command Line

Every once in a while, you will run into an issue during Odoo development that causes an internal server error in one of your Odoo databases. This could be caused by some different issues:

  • Pulling down code updates without restarting the Odoo processes, preventing python files from generating the proper .pyc files.
  • Not properly updating the applications that were affecting from pulling down code changes.
  • Not updating across all databases that have the effected applications installed.

Let’s assume we have one Odoo instance currently running. I can view the processes by running a ps aux and greping for the script name.

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BHS Odoo Success Story

Odoo - Home Screen

Odoo is a flexible, powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) platform, capable of enhancing efficiency and providing a simplified workflow for businesses in all industries. Blue Stingray specializes in Odoo design and implementation, but this case presented a unique set of challenges due to size of the client’s operations (and the age of their old ERP).


Battery Handling Systems, Inc. (BHS) is a leading provider of motive power and material handling solutions. As a market leader, the company serves an international base of clients, offering hundreds of high-quality products to businesses in the warehousing and logistics industries. BHS expanded its product offerings significantly over the past decade, but outdated ERP software was creating several issues.BHS needed a custom ERP and CRM solution that was powerful, flexible, and easy to learn. Blue Stingray began work on the project in June of 2015. Continue reading “BHS Odoo Success Story”

Managing Multiple Odoo Instances

Getting started with hosting Odoo can be tricky especially when trying to manage multiple instances, manage multiple editions (Odoo 8, Odoo 9 Community, Odoo 9 Enterprise), and keep a smooth development workflow. I spent some time breaking down a simpler way to install and organize Odoo on our development server and thought I would share it with anyone in the community who might be interested.

I’m going to provide a quick example of setting up Odoo 9 Community and Odoo 9 Enterprise on a blank server, setting up a postgres server, defining service scripts, defining Odoo configurations, and running both instances from source.

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