Odoo CRM

Wondering what Odoo can do for a business?

At a recent manufacturing leadership event, I listened to a speaker, Steve Gund of The Gund Company, Inc., tell the audience how he took a small, 10-person manufacturing business and turned it into a global company worth more than $100 million. His process for growth was fairly simple: he ran a lean company, measured every aspect of his company, and kept dozens of metrics to track his success.

It sounds simple, but for manufacturing businesses, metrics are everything. Maintaining a lean, efficient production process requires constant attention to numbers — especially numbers that affect profits.

However, that wasn’t the entire point of the presentation. While businesses need to run lean companies, growing revenue requires a comprehensive approach. The most important tool is a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), which tracks leads, current customers, lost projects, and competitors. In short, it tracks all of the elements that allow a business to grow sustainably.

Now, here’s where Odoo comes in.

The Odoo Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Odoo, as you probably know, isn’t just an ERP. The Odoo software suite allows you to run every aspect of your business, and the simple, intuitive design of the Odoo CRM makes it an ideal tool for the tasks mentioned above.

We use Odoo CRM, and it works perfectly; what’s more, I can confidently say that it will work perfectly for your company. It’s flexible, modular, and customizable, capable of handling pretty much anything — provided that you have a good Odoo development team.

Some of the Odoo CRM features that I find most useful:

  • Forecasting
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Flow Charts
  • Automate Activities Based on Sales Scripts
  • Monthly Target Comparisons
  • Easily Share Ideas and Files

Odoo CRM integrates with all other Odoo apps, so leads can be easily converted into customers and projects. Kanban views allow for effortless lead management. I personally love the drag-and-drop kanban views, which prevent unnecessary clicks and complications from slowing down my workflow.

If your main objectives are to track leads, close opportunities, and get accurate revenue forecasts, Odoo CRM is a game changer (yes, it’s a cliche, but it’s the right way to describe how the suite operates). The visual lead-board with drag and drop functionality makes tracking potential clients a breeze, and the feature list is substantial.

Of course, it’s one thing to sing Odoo CRM’s praises, but it’s quite another to see the visual pipeline in action.

Odoo CRM Visual Pipeline Layout

Here’s an overview of the visual layout for tracking leads and potential jobs. Put simply, this is where your company’s growth happens.

Odoo CRM offers the flexibility you need to quickly build custom stages, and this is definitely an advantage over many competing CRMs. You can easily monitor contact between your sales team and any given prospects with a quick glance, so you can forecast future workloads and sales lulls within a few seconds. In a way, it shows metrics while removing mindless numbers from the process of growing a business.

We highly recommend having your team focus on this view, as it can be an inspiration for your day-to-day sales goals. You might even want to pick up a large touchscreen wall monitor to place in the sales team’s office — the pipeline view can keep them moving forward, and it’s great for an executive staff that needs to quickly see where potential sales sit in the pipeline.

Here’s the takeaway: if your business isn’t monitoring its customer relations with the same vigor that it’s using to maintain a lean work process, you’re missing out on opportunities to grow. Fortunately, Odoo provides the resources you need to keep your customer relationships moving forward, and when you’re ready to convert a lead, the all-in-one approach of the Odoo software suite lets you move to the next stage of the process without missing a beat. Odoo can be everything that your company needs to find that elusive next level of success; you simply need to put it to work.